Download this recording of Dave Clarke’s November 19th set at Smart Bar! Thanks to Dave Clarke and Smart Bar music director Nate Manic for recording and sharing this set from a great night (with a crowded dance floor). SmartBlog also got in a few pre-gig questions, which can be found here.

Dave Clarke – Smartbar 19-11-2011 (Exclusive) by Dave Clarke


    Ben Sims – I wanna Go Back (Unsubscribe Remix 1) (CDr)
    Club M.C.M. – Club M.C.M. (K.A. Happy Mixx) (Rhythm Beat – RB 203)
    Dave Clarke – Protective Custody (Bush – BUSH1012)
    Gesaffelstein – Aufstand (Unsubscribe Remix) (CDr)
    Floorplan – Baby, Baby (M-Plant – M.PM13)
    Cisco Arias – Diode (Steve Parker Remix) (Slap Jaxx – SLPAX016)
    Mr Jones – Armory (Ben Sims Remix) (Heavy Real – HVRL006)
    Mike Huckaby – The Tresor Track (Tresor – TRESOR 245S)
    Armando – Downfall (The Advent Pay Your Respect Remix) (Slap Jaxx – SLAPX010)
    The House Gang – Cool J Trax (International House Records – IHR-004)
    Robert Hood – Clash (M-Plant – MPM9)
    Paul Mac – DVD Crash (Theory Recordings – THEORY 037)
    Paul Mac – Body Jack Track (Stimulus Recordings – STIM024)
    Samuel L Session – Inner City Dust Pt.3 (Figure – FIG27)
    Dave Clarke – The Compass (International Deejay Gigolo Records – GIGOLO 44)
    George Lanham – Manufacturing Dissent (Transmissions – TRA026)
    Fast Eddie – Big Ol’ Booty (International House Recordings – IHR 9014-1)
    George Lanham – Manufacturing Dissent (Transmissions – TRA026)
    Tim Wolff – Arpeggi Yo (CDr)
    John Heckle – The Extrovert/Introvert (Tabernacle Records – TABR005)
    Da Posse – The Groove (Future Records – FR-1)
    Marc Romboy vs Paris The Black Fu – Dark N’ Lovely (Kenny Larkin Remix) (Systematic – SYST 0079-6)
    Adonis – No Way Back (Trax Records – TX112)
    Hugo Moya – Move (Relief Records – RR2022)
    Bas Mooy – Krull (Darknet – DARKNET 003)
    The Todd Terry Project – Bango (To The Batmobile) (Club Bang) (Fresh Records – FRE-80117)
    Ben Sims – I wanna Go Back (Unsubscribe Remix 2) (CDr)
    Dave Clarke – Storm (Re-stormed By Ray Kajioka) (CDr)
    Alexander O’Neal – Fake (Tabu Records – 4Z9-06788)
    Radical G – Shadowdancing (Unsubscribe Remix) (The Public Stand – CDr)
    Blake Baxter – Sexuality (Incognito Records – IR 112688)
    Mike Dearborn – Deviant Behaviour (Slam Mixx) (Djax-Up-Beats – DJAX-UP-CD11)
    Adam Jay – Crutch (Chroma Recordings – CHRM011)
    Boys Noize – Trooper (Robert Hood Remix) (Boysnoize Records – BNR 052)
    Floorplan – Basic Principle (M-Plant – M.PM13)
    88uw – Communication Offline (Trust The Machine Remix) (Slap Jaxx – SLAPX019)
    Spark Taberner – Rigide (NachNachtstrom Schallplatten – NSTDG024)
    Joseph McGeechan – Identity (Mike Humphries Remake) (Nachtstrom Schallplatten – NST030)
    Paul Edge – 23 (Niereich Remix) (Gobsmacked Records – GOB079)
    The Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley Farley – Give Your Self To Me (Trax Records – TX116)
    Fast Eddie – Jack The House (Jack Mix) (Underground – UN 119)
    Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride (Trax Records – TX150)
    Frank Kvitta feat. The Horrorist – Lick The Sweat (Submerge Remix) (Techtronic – CDr)
    Black Asteroid – Engine 1 (Unsubscribe Remix) (CLR – CLR053)