Smart Bar’s night for dubstep, drum n’ bass, and related heavyweight sounds celebrates three years!
Abstract Science
the SUBFIX 3-year anniversary

Scuba is the production and DJ alias of Paul Rose, the curator of one of the original dubstep labels, Hotflush Recordings, which released some of the most important tracks of the genre’s formative period and has grown into a leading player in the wider world of electronic music.


On the turntables or tweaking a live P.A., Searchl1te lays out monster bass weight and teeth-rattling percussion. Irreverent of genre but observant of vibes, he brings the substep, sarcopha-beats, yard techno, scandalbass and tech:freek biz.


As a Smartbar resident and host of the weekly radio program Abstract Science (since 1997 and a DJ since 1995), he is at the forefront of breaking new styles, crossing genres and re-introducing forgotten music. When DJing for the dancefloor, Widman is known for his adventurous mixing of dubstep, techno and everything near 140bpm to create his own form of crowd-pleasing sonic warfare: riding the razor’s edge between over the top and off the deep end.