Sparkletone recorded this DJ set live at Smart Bar, March 11, 2011.

This is what he had to say about the set:

When I play, I think a little about who I think I’m playing for in terms of the crowd, and what music I like that will work for them as well. Beyond that, I try to play a few things friends have made, a couple of my own things (though that didn’t happen this time out), some very new stuff, some old/recognizable stuff. I think less about genre than I do about energy level/emotional vibe the music has and try to play a set that varies those things without feeling random.

This set is a very good reflection of where I’m at now. There’s a little bit of disco still hanging around in the air, but it’s stuck somewhere between house music and the newer UK stuff that’s trying to sound/feel like old house music. The radiohead song at the end kind of sticks out a bit, but is there because I wanted to hear it on Smartbar’s soundsystem!

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