From the initial release of his Restless EP (Mirau, 2006), Tensnake demonstrated an uncanny ability to build musical bridges and create the catchy experimentalism-framed-in-disco feel of Chicken Lips or Metro Area. Contained inside, two shining nuggets:  the relentless rubber-band basslines of “Around the House” and quirky and undercover subversiveness of “Toshi’s Battle.” Fast forward a handful of years and a few more evolving releases to 2009. Tensnake unleashes a gorgeous monster in the 8:20 opus “In The End (I Want You To Cry)”, and things were never the same.

“When I produced that track, there was a lot of relationship [things that were] going on in my life,” recalls man-behind-the-moniker Marco Niemerski. “After feeling bad for some time, I [had] enough of that, and felt like it was time to move on. So instead of me, I wanted somebody else to cry in the end.” Pulled into his melancholic dance floor churner, the track became a DJ crossover favorite, with enough length to run the board and impress critics, too–“In The End (I Want You To Cry)” was named the #12 track in Resident Advisor’s Top 50 tracks of 2009.

Niemerski would follow up on Tensnake’s newfound success with this year’s long-legged “Coma Cat,” whose melodic bells and emotive qualities ring euphoric in a sadly rare emotional display among the often-faceless cadre of “nu-disco” artists. “I don’t know if “In The End…” affected my life, but it did affect my career. I felt that there was more attention on what I was doing and the music that was being released. Certainly, things went up a level when “Coma Cat” broke through, first on Permanent Vacation and then again when Defected re-released it in the summer,” Niemerski concludes.

Also helping to raise Tensnake’s profile were two well-received mixes he released: a podcast for RA and, most recently, In The House for Defected. The former featured classics from Rick Wilhite, Blake Baxer and St. Etienne, along with newer tracks like Lindstrøm & Christabelle “Lovesick,” while the latter contained two CDs blending the sounds of disco-gaited contemporaries like Zev, Mugwump and Mano Le Tough with homeland Teutonic tastes from Michael Mayer and Âme. Providing this glimpse into Niemerski’s influences and musical palate was too much for most fans to pass up, much to the surprise of Niemerski. “I want to make music and perform, but the DJing is more a hobby,” he admits.

Luckily for us, Tensnake will make its Chicago debut with a live performance at Smart Bar. You can expect to hear your favorite tracks along with brand new unreleased material slated for release on his forthcoming debut LP.


Artist: Tensnake

Country of Origin: Germany

File Under: Retro-futuristic, boogie-influenced dance floor fun, rife with emotive disco and flourishes of deep house

Labels: Mirau, Defected, Running Back


Paddy McAloon/Prefab Sprout


Mount Kimbie


Metro Area

Stevie Wonder

Recent Remixes:


Scissor Sisters

Azari & III