A risk-taker and a room shaker, Bok Bok is the man behind the infamously-hard-to-characterize Night Slugs label, and one of the London scene’s leading lights in evolving the bass music sound. Influenced by house, juke, grime and yes, even the dreaded “d” word, Night Slugs is responsible for many dancefloor mainstays of the last two years, with Girl Unit’s “Wut” topping many best-of lists of 2011. Though Bok Bok’s own innovative productions have rumbled Smartbar before, Thursday, May 24th will mark his Chicago debut along with recent signee Morri$, and May’s Signal promises to be as unpredictable a night as its headliner.

• So this is your Chicago debut! Awesome! What’s one thing you’re excited to do while you’re in town?
Yeah it means the world to me to be finally coming to Chicago to play. I’m coming in a little early to go record shopping. That’s def my #1 priority, and hopefully to meet some of my heroes too.

• You’ve made no secret of your love of some homegrown Chicago sounds, be it house, ghetto-house, acid, juke and footwork. What would say is/are your favorite Chicago record(s)?
Yea absolutely, along my personal timeline of influential records, more might be from Chicago than even London at this stage. I could never pick just one but I have to shout out the Original Video Clash – it’s kind of an obvious choice but it’s especially important to me / us at Night Slugs because it connects house so neatly with grime, it’s the original rhythm track.

• What three adjectives would you use to describe Night Slugs to someone who was unfamiliar with your label?
Modernist; Shape-shifting; Energetic.

• May’s Signal falls right before Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival, which the Signal crew – along with a lot of Chicago – are really excited about. We’re sure to catch your prime slot on the RBMA stage at Movement, but who’s set are you really hoping to hear in Detroit?
I dunno if its on the same day I’m there but would be great to see Dopplereffekt again. I never heard Lil Louis spin so that’s a must! Hoping to also catch Salva and Actress who are both on the RBMA stage as well.

• A very serious question. If the whole Night Slugs family was dropped into a Battle-Royale-style fight to the last person standing, who would be left when the dust settled and why?
Seriously, we’d probably pool our resources to outwit our captors. NS is tight, I can’t see us turning on each other.

Finally, we’ll be giving away some list spots on the Signal Twitter @SignalChicago! If you pick a number between one and ten, the first person to guess it wins the spots!

Bok Bok plays Signal on Thursday, May 24 with Morri$ and Signal residents Bizzies, Sparkletone, and Guidry; see the SmartBar website for details.

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